Launch With Freya - Course Building Masterclass

Launch With Freya - Course Building Masterclass

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Are you ready to create your online course?  

Freya Sullivan Huffman, MBA, PHR has over 20 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies and 10 years as faculty in the areas of Business, HR, IT, Math, Communications, and Sales. 

After going through 4 layoffs and several job changes, Freya learned the importance of launching her own business.  She learned to survive by training others and positioning herself to get government and business contracts.

She has coached 1000s of students and professionals in the areas of career development, business development, continuing their education, resume creation, interviewing and starting businesses. 

Let Freya walk you the process of setting up for your course and monetizing your knowledge.  Her energetic, motivating coaching style will push you onto purpose driven path that open your eyes to the assignment God created you to do!

Here's what she can help you with.

  • Coaching you through the process to create an online course (Get paid for your knowledge!)
  • Creating your vision board to help you launch your dream in 2019
  • Developing / improving your webinar masterclass (What the deck?)
  • Teaching you to train your audience virtually (Engaging your audience)
  • Creating your coaching and consulting offer (Yes, they need your guidance!)
  • Creating your lead magnet (How will you attract them?)
  • Growing your e-mail list (This is very important!)
  • Showing you how to use apps and technology to run your business. (What's Appening? :-)
  • Showing you how to maximize your social media (Building your followers / your new tribe!)

 Let's get started!  In 6 weeks you will be on your way to launching your first course!

     ~ Freya, Your Launch Coach