Don't Bury Your Talent!

There are many professionals that started out on a journey to pursue their degree of choice.  For many, the field that was chosen was based on fulfilling their parent's wishes or a teacher's direction.  Many have been loyal to that career but have still not been fulfilled in their lives.  Are you on the right journey?  Do you know your purpose?  Are you living out your dream or are you just coasting until retirement?

I was one of those people.  I majored in Mathematics and Computer Science and I was a programmer for 10 years.  While I love coding and teaching others to code, I felt I had a bigger purpose.  That purpose was to teach, motivate and inspire.

If you look in the Bible at the scripture Matthew 25:14, you learn about he parable of the talents.  The master gave one servant 5 talents, another 3 and yet another 1.  He praised the servants that multiplied their talents, but chastised the one that buried their talents.  He said he could have kept it and invested it and gotten a return.

My question for you today is this?  Have you buried your talents?  Do you know what your talents are?  Have you pursued one goal and stayed in one lane when you know you have more to offer?  Have you discovered other gifts that you have ignored because your comfort zone won't let you out of the box?  

I was the Dean of our School of Ministry and one the classes I taught was the Spiritual Gifts.  We were all created with multiple talents.  We were created by the creator to be creative.  What you are doing may not be what you have been called to do?  

I challenge  you to day!  Don't bury your talent.  Discover what your multiple talents are and start to develop those.  You are missing out on the rewards and dividends that God has created for you.  

Caution:  It may cause you to step out of your comfort zone.  Don't let that stop you.  Explore the other parts of you that have been hiding in the background.  Maybe you have played it safe because you are afraid of what others will think.  Do it anyone.  They will talk anyway.  Give them something good to talk about.  

Share your story with me.  What other talents do you believe you have?  I'm here to motivate and encourage you on journey.

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I'm FreyaMotivates, your workplace motivator.  I'm here to help you succeed in life, at work and in your community.

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